Adventures in Work-Life Balance: An Odyssey

A blog about one family's adventures in striving to achieve, and then maintain, a healthy balance between work and family life.


Since 1993

Welcome to the Adventures in Work-Life Balance Blog

Welcome. This blog is a chronicle of one family's attempt to achieve and maintain work-life balance. What prompted us to embark upon this journey? Read about it here.

Relapse Into Work-Life Imbalance

It was almost inevitable that there would be days like this. There I was, happily progress on my journey toward work-life balance, when I experienced my first relapse into work-life imbalance.

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Thanksgiving for this Opportunity

As I embark on this journey in pursuit of work-life balance, I am keenly aware of the privilege I have been afforded to even consider it as a possibility. This Thanksgiving, I am grateful the opportunity to pursue work-life balance.

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First Breakfast in seoul, korea

My breakfast in Gwangjang Market was a culinary experience unlike any other. It was a perfect way to start my work trip in Seoul, Korea.

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